Leapin' Lizards....It's time for a Scavenger Hunt

Leap Year Scavenger Hunt for Kids

By Union County Macaroni Kid February 12, 2024

 Get ready for a leap-tastic adventure! This Leap Year, embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt that will have your little ones hopping with excitement. Designed for kids aged 6-12, this scavenger hunt incorporates leap year trivia, fun challenges, and, of course, surprises along the way. Gather your young adventurers, put on your explorers' hats, and let the scavenger hunt begin!


  1. Leap Year Facts Station:
    Location: Start at the kitchen table or living room.
    Begin the scavenger hunt by providing each child with a list of leap year trivia questions. Hide the answers throughout the house, and their task is to find the answers and record them on their sheets.
    Sample Question: "How often does a leap year occur?"
  2. Froggy Friends Spotting:
    Location: Anywhere in the house or yard.
    Place small frog toys or cutouts around the house. Each child should find and collect as many "Froggy Friends" as they can. Consider assigning point values to different-sized frogs for an added challenge.
  3. Leapin' Lily Pads Challenge:
    Location: Hallway or living room.
    Create a series of "lily pads" (circles made of colored paper) leading to a hidden treasure. Kids must follow the path of lily pads without touching the floor (the "pond"). If they fall into the pond, they must start over.
  4. Leap Year Puzzle Hunt:
    Location: Living room or play area.
    Hide puzzle pieces throughout the room. Each puzzle piece reveals a clue to the next location. Once all pieces are found, kids can assemble the puzzle to unveil the final clue.
  5. Leapin' Balloon Pop:
    Location: Any room with open space.
    Inflate balloons and write challenges or clues on small slips of paper before placing them inside the balloons. Kids must pop the balloons to reveal their next task.
    Sample Challenge: "Hop on one foot ten times!"
  6. Leap Year Riddle Trail:
    Location: Throughout the house.
    Create a trail of riddles leading from one room to the next. Each riddle provides a clue to the location of the next riddle or hidden item. The final riddle leads to the grand prize.
  7. Leap Year Photo Booth:
    Location: Designated photo booth area.
    Set up a Leap Year-themed photo booth with props like frog masks, Leap Year signs, and goofy hats. As a bonus challenge, each child must take a leap year-themed photo at the booth.

As your little adventurers successfully complete each task and gather clues, they'll not only have a blast but also learn interesting facts about leap years. Celebrate the end of the scavenger hunt with a small treat or prize, and revel in the joy of a leap year-themed adventure that will be remembered for years to come. Happy leaping!